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What is Tron?

With this article, we try to answer questions such as what is Tron cryptocurrency TRX, how to buy TRX, for you.

What is Tron ? What is TRX ?

What is Tron? To simply answer the question, as with most cryptocurrencies, maybe TRON has a de centered structure. It is a digital currency of Singapore origin. Built using blockchain technology, TRON’s purpose of production is for the entertainment industry. It also aims to allow people to share the content they desire among them with the people of choice as they wish. If these objectives targeted by TRON are achieved, it will be possible to produce i-content by using TRON by a user located anywhere in the world, as well as opportunities to store and share such content. The purpose of TRON is that the control is entirely in the users. The TRON cryptocurrency is also known as TRONIX and stands for TRX.

What is Tron’s Purpose?

As we have made clear above, TRON’s goals are focused on the entertainment industry. In order to achieve this goal, free sharing with users freely is also among TRON’s goals. But TRON’s main purpose is to make content produced with TRON system infrastructure available through TRX from virtual media and for people who want to purchase it to purchase it by paying with TRX during their purchase.

In this way, TRON plans to rival these formations by establishing an app marketplace with a structure such as Apple Store or Google Play. In this way, the costs will be reducesd as the intermediaries are eliminated, as well as preventing users from spending too much money.

What is TRON Platform?

In to make money by producing content on social media, you need to meet certain requirements. Most of the time it take a very long time to produce and prepare and publish. In this case, commissions of 40% on top of this are de raked by the platform on which you publish this content. The TRON platform aims to create a worldwide free entertainment ecosystem by eliminating this situation by enabling users to make all revenue of content available to users using Blockchain technology and removing all intermediaries.



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