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Is Buying TRON from THODEX Reliable?

Koineks, the safest cryptocurrency exchange in our country, has also gone down in history as the first Turkish company to qualify for a license from the United States.

Following this success, the company changed its name to “Thodex”. What is the Thodex Crypto Currency Exchange? Is it reliable to buy TRON from Thodex? How to open a Thodex account?

What is THODEX Crypto Currency?

Formerly Known as Koineks, the Thodex Crypto Currency Exchange is a platform of Turkish origin; It also meets buyers and sellers in order to carry out purchases and sales transactions through a large number of cryptocurrencies. THODEX, which managed to obtain a license from the United States, was also the first Turkish company to open to the world in this sector.

How does the THODEX Crypto Currency Exchange work?

Purchases and sales made through the Thodex Crypto Currency Exchange are sold in tl amount with coins available in the system. Another feature of this stock exchange is that the purchase and sale transactions take place at the prices set by the users.

How to Make THODEX Free Membership Transactions

Membership in Thodex is completely free of charge. You can create your membership from the “Create Free Account” place by entering Thodex’s official site. After freezing the membership form, your membership will be completed after clicking on the activation link that will come to your e-mail address.

Are THODEX And CryptoCurrencies Reliable?

Koineks, which has been operating for many years under the name Koineks and thodex today, is a reliable investment company that enables around half a million active users to purchase and sell TRON from Thodex on the cryptocurrency exchange with in Turkey’s borders.

It is a live support service available 24/7. You can get instant help with the slightest problem and by connecting to live support.

Is THODEX Reliable?

One of the most important points of attention of users trading with Thodex Crypto Currency Exchange is the security issue. Among the companies operating in our country in this sector, Thodex is reliable among the most important companies in the field of reliance and security.

Thanks to the security measures it receives Thodex, using the Customer Recognition System, immediately notices the account holder if any unusual behavior is detected in the accounts.

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